Rustronic MKII Control System

MKII Rack Plug & Play Upgrade

Reduced cost MKII plug and play upgrade solution replacing the unreliable, outdated and obsolete MKII racks and cards with an up to date supportable PLC based controller. At the same time maintaining the rest of the control system. This system utilises the existing ribbon cable connections and minimal modifications to the rest of the control system, making it as close as you can get to plug and play. This reduces cost and downtime of the controller upgrade. This also allows for modular upgrading of the full control system.

As standard, the system consists of everything the original system MKII control system can do, plus much more. Including the following:

  • Governor
  • Sequencer
  • Temperature Spread Monitor
  • Alarm & Trip Handler
  • Statistics
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Modbus DCS Gateway
  • Remote Monitoring Gateway
  • SIL2 Overspeed
  • SIL2 Emergency Stop Loops
  • HMI/SCADA Control, Annunciation and Data Logging

This system can be combined with other upgrades at the same time or at different times to suit, such as:

  • Enhanced Vibration Monitoring Equipment
  • Fire & Gas Detection and Suppression Systems
  • Fuel System Upgrades
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Distributed/Remote IO
  • Redundant Equipment

Full Control System Upgrade

Our full upgrade solutions can be designed and built bespoke for the customers requirements. Including all the basic requirements from the original system, but with a range of additional enhancements to compliment the gas turbine unit, providing better running, reliability, diagnostics and efficiency.


We have the knowledge and experience to support all variations of the Rustronic MKII control system and associated equipment. From equipment diagnosis and repairs to onsite calibration and commissioning.