We are able to offer a range of electrical engineering services, from design to installation, from assessments to commissioning. Whether you require a full cycle of services or just man power support, we will delivery the solution to support your needs.



Assessment and consultancy services to correctly determine your needs and ensure compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.


From basic design to detailed design, we produce and deliver high standards of documentation and drawings to deliver the project to the highest standards.


Engineering new and better solutions to customer needs and requirements. Overcoming design hurdles that other companies fail on.


The manufacture and testing of both hardware and software to a high level, utilising good working practices throughout.


The installation of equipment on customers sites within the UK and globally. Ensuring pre-planning and health & safety are both to the highest level, resulting in working efficiently and effectively.


The commissioning of hardware and software on customers sites in the UK and globally. The work is carried out using in-house developed methods and software tools to commission efficiently and effectively.


Training, remote support, breakdowns, servicing or calibrations. Whichever the requirement we have options available to ensure customers personnel, plant and equipment is well looked after.